Completed: project III/12

Final mumblings

At long last this NZ TD is completed. What were my finishing touches? I applied from my Tamiya Weathering Master set some "mud" pigment to the lower parts of the model, then to the general middle and top hull some "sand" and finally, mostly all around an amount of "dry sand". Somehow I felt this was a better approach than washing the whole model with black or brown.
This project took quite a long while if you look at the calendar. Counting the hours worked brings us to a much lighter workload in the end, even though I can't pull a decent number to give a decent estimate, even. If we agree that it was more than nine and less than twenty four hours in total, I guess we're more or less there. Maybe I should actually check how long I exactly work on a model (or a couple of them), to have a clue, just to see how it goes.

Final pics

Here's a set of pics, from various angles and various settings. The background is, again, instead of cardboard boxes and my workspace,  a Battletech map. Complaints and feedback are always welcome, I just refuse to promise or guarantee any sort of change in my ways of working ;)

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