Model Expo 2013 III

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This third post concludes the IPMS department's show-offage. Just like I said or at least thought last year, I think there were less entries than the previous year. No matter what, the results were neat and there were many really cool models.

On the land


At the sea

Paatteja oli ihan kiva määrä, mutta asettelusta johtuen yksittäisistä ei mitenkään saanut omia kuvia. Harmillista, koska nuo pääsisivät paremmin oikeuksiinsa omassa kuvassaan.

The more peaceful vehicles



As is well known, I have absolutely no understanding about fishing. Despite this I was immensely amused by this U-Boat shaped something. It's hilarious in a good way.

Next up: the insane project of the plastic-loving people.

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