Project I/13

Mig-29 Fulcrum

The kit I bought from last year's Model Expo has finally reached the top of my todo-heap. A good bunch of Iron Wind Metals' OmniMechs have been skipped and I fear they've been ignored for a few years already. Oh dear. Whatever has happened elsewhere, this piece of engineering is now under the spotlight. The Mig-29 is really an unusual model for me: it flies, it's jet-powered, it's not from the WWII era but it's still a thing from the real world.
Really, really unusual and rare, that's what this is.

The contents

When I opened the box my confusion was noticeable. I really couldn't remember that this individual was, to top it all, a peaceful plane without all the awesome toys it technically could have. Let's not allow that to bother us, I wasn't going to touch those transfers in any case and the paintjob can be whatever I want (and can) conjure up. The bomb racks, missiles and other pretty and useful items will be left for others.

For a short while I thought of assembling a flying model but as you can see in the photo above,  there are about twenty pieces. So if I skipped the landing gear, there'd be even less to build. Whenever we get that far, we'll see what I've decided.
Stay tuned or don't!

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