More madness

The pilot

I worked out a set of belts that aren't supposed to be called seat belts but something else. In any case, I cut up a couple of slices of Tamiya's maskin tape and looped them around my pilot's shoulders and had them connect at his crotch. Then I applied a bit of Devlan Mud to tone the bright colour down, hoping it'd work here as well as in the M-10's interior.
While I was excitedly fooling around I bent a bit of iron wire to make the ejection seat launching handles. Somehow it just ended up being a bit too big... And the stick's way too weird, in an odd place and it even looks wrong. There was no way I could've started fixing that one as well. Enough was enough.

The workspace

Finding a good and clear pic of the Mig's throttle lever was surprisingly difficult or my g-skills are again a few points too low. In the end I decided that a black-painted handle-like piece attached to the inner left side of the cockpit works just nicely. Then I painted a few green lines and shapes to the display blocks I built the last time to pretend that the multifunction displays had some content. To their sides I added a few red dots to represent buttons and/or indicator lights.

The tools

I met the infamous Lasse last week one afternoon regarding this project. The totally casual and normal-looking plastic piece swap took place next to the Central Railway Station and no one paid any attention to us. What was it all about? Well, my model was unarmed and he just happened to have a load of excess Soviet weapons in the same scale... Air to ground weapons was the theme and what's better than that?

The pic offers some AA-8 missiles, PTB-1150 external fuel tanks, UB-32 M-57 rocket launchers and a S-250 OFM rocket. Excluding those ef-tanks this stuff looks like it means business and that's just what I like!

The hull

As my final task in this iteration I glued the hull halves together and tightened it with some tape. I'm afraid that the nose has to be filed and sanded a bit because it looks a bit rough just in front of the wings. You can see it in the photo, I believe. In any case I try to keep myself in check so this project doesn't get any more out of hand than it already is.

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