I've kept working on the pylons I advertised - and kept in the dark - the last time. Mostly I've filed off excess waves and tried to achieve some sort of proper shape to them. Still, I don't dare to display them, maybe later when I've attached them to the wings and they've been at least basecoated. Or, more likely, when the ground attack equipment is also attached...

Wired madness

While googling for a variety of reference pictures I stumbled upon a photo of the front landing gear and a couple of cables snaking around the bottom. I guess they're some sort of brake lines or something, the hell if I know, but the main thing is that it seemed like a quick and simple detail. So I cut out a couple of short pieces of tiny metal wire (I've been told it's meant to be used for flowers) and glued them to a place where no one will ever really get to see them, thanks to the wheels.

As I was already fooling around with the wires I decided to set up the electric cabling for the main landing gear lights. To cover the shiny ends I cut small pieces of Tamiya's masking tape for protection and used white glue to attach the lamps to the hatches. Maybe using white glue was actually pointless for these pieces as the potential foggying up wouldn't be a real problem, anyway, but... when a thought is set, there's no way around it.
Somehow I expec that my masking will end up being a stupid failure and that the lamps will only end up a huge disappointment within a couple of project steps.

After taking these work-in-progress photos I glued the AA missile launch rails to the innermost points. For some reason I had decided that the order of weapons should be missiles first, then the single-serving heavy rockets and the rocket pods last. Why did I decide to do things this way? To provide maximum coverage for the heavily sown rockets, of course. Someone smarter can now feel free to correct me and point out my potential stupidities, but this is where my Mig is heading, despite the audience's pleas ;)

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