Follow the red star

Rush'n' attack

My busy week led me to a situation where I just noticed yesterday evening that I hadn't got anything done since my last post. Those red stars... Perhaps the full manual approach I considered wouldn't be the most optimal one after all. Not that I was going to attempt to prepare stencils out of masking tape alone, either. My next option? Printing out a couple of sheets of properly sized red stars, cutting the starshapes out and attaching the new mask in place, maybe even facing correctly. Repeat in two different sizes: big ones to the wings and smaller ones to the tail.
Behold, it was all done already and pretty quickly as well. I did my best to get the stars in mirroring places but as long as we're discussing my hand-eye coordination, they may not be perfectly aligned after all.

Not quite

I almost got to start painting as well, but as my modeling time was already ending I had only managed to dig out my two red paints and was pondering on which one to use. Maybe I'll get them painted red this evening? The white detail lines I'll leave for a tiny bit later.

We'll need to cross our fingers. Otherwise nothing'll ever get done. Again.

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