Completed: project I/13


The first modeling project of the year is now completed. This took exactly five months, as I took the final photos yesterday. Reporting overflowed to today, but that's not important. Following the glorious traditions of Projectmumblings my pace has been random and everything (beginning from the weather) has affected it.

There's nothing really spectacular or special to say right now. Mostly I'm just content that this thing is finished and I even look at the results benevolently. Of course there's always room for improvement, so I don't get caught in that anymore. I'm so pleased, actually, that I have considered working on other flying deathtraps in the same scale. If I get even madder than I already am I could go for something modern, can you imagine?

A bunch o' photos

Without further ado, here's a load of photos with a hastily prepared A4 background. Each of the pictures needed to be straightened up afterwards, thanks to my ultraexcited photo assistant. While I was telling how the tripod is used and not to be poked around all the time, I noticed that one of the leg extension blocks had fallen out of its place...

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