Basing the pieces

As soon as I had all the pieces - except the Mad Dog - assembled, I glued them on their hex bases. Because I remembered the Mad Dog's legs/hips being a bit funny to set up, I prepared the right leg on the base. This way the rest would be that much easier as one anchoring point would be already cured and solid.

Simple bases

Yesterday evening I was lazy and just filled the hex bases with white glue and applied liberal amounts of WS's ballast on it. The white glue would provide some more support to the feet of the miniatures. Of course I could've left the ballast for later (after the painting) but I thought I'd try a different approach this time. The working order I've chosen of course leads to another step of painting the base, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Morning assemblage

Because I had at least five extra minutes at my disposal this morning before I had to start moving and nothing special to do, I attacked my Mad Dog. In short this means that I glued the torso to the legs and the left leg to the base. Now all my last 'Mech is missing are its arms.

These arms are from a Hellb/Summoner model 'Mech, which means some more work for me. Both the torso pieces and the arms have female connections, so I must conjure up some sort of a piece to provide support. That won't be a huge problem, I would like to believe.

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