Some finished OmniMechs II/13

Finishing touches

After my last post about these 'Mechs I finished up painting the numbers and insignia. These pieces were practically done two weeks ago, I just didn't have the time for photos or this text until now. Maybe these aren't the best photos I could've taken but it happens. I can take new ones if needed.

I thought I'd continue by fixing all the cockpits of my old miniatures with red paint and then get the rest of my Elementals done. Last time I also complained about breaking my airbrush but that wasn't a huge issue after all: the pipe that goes to the pain pot just broke. As a result that pipe is now three, four millimeters shorter than it used to be and that's not a real problem, I just can't empty the paint pot by spraying anymore. Replacing that would be easy.


I counted all the miniatures I have finished so far. A grand total of thirty 'Mechs with four Hellbringers (two of them in alt.conf. A), which is fitting for Jade Falcons. Each unit has an individual number and its own place inside the Cluster. This is something I hadn't really pondered on at all so far, unless you count my "maybe that Turkina should be in the Command Star" as real pondering.

Planning has to be started at some point, so why not now? These four ended up being in the second Star of the Beta Trinary. There's nothing magical or special about this, just plain randomness.

3 - Gargoyle

This one carries a sort of an (Ultra) AutoCannon and two lasers. All the weapons are just slammed there, so I've got no MechLab explanation for this. Obviously this is not an official config.

52 - Summoner A

Gauss Rifle, LPLas, SRM-6

26 - Hellbringer A

2x ERLLas, UAC/5, LRM-20, NARC, ERMLas, 2xMG, BAP

17 - Mad Dog C

2x Gauss Rifle

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