Quick fixes III/13

Going through all the old minis

I was  bragging earlier that I'd go through all the OmniMechs I had assembled and painted years ago and redo their cockpits. Sometimes I'm a man of my word, so here's a quick report:

The beginnings of the fifth Trinary

Numerically my smallest and therefore easiest to fix was the set of four Points of my Aerospace Fighters. It really didn't take long as the cockpits are tiny and there were only four of the fighters to be fixed. In the more or less distant future I'm going to need to work on more of these, but when do I have the time for that? Not soon, I guess.

Two-legged monsters

While I was painting the cockpits I also separated the broken minis for fixing. I had also once accidentally bought an old sculpt of a Summoner that was sold as a D variant, and that was a horrible piece. That one I didn't bother touching at all as I'm going to reuse it as random ruined pieces on the bases of other, proper miniatures.

This jungle of 'Mechs isn't too clear so I'll show the pieces in a few separate rounds. First you'll find a Nova prime, Cougar prime, Cougar C, Ice Ferret and an Cauldron-Born prime. The C-Cougar had lost its right arm at some point, so it marched on towards the Mech Bay and restoration.

Next up: heavier units. First a Mad Dog, Hellbringer, Summoner as primes and a Summoner B to round them up. Each was in prime condition and without anything to complain about. Unless you want to complain about the painting decisions I'd done all those years ago, that is.

In the Assault class I had an Executioner, Gargoyle, Dire Wolf, Turkina and Warhawk, each in their prime configuration and then my absolute favourite: the totally, absolutely sick C-variant of the Warhawk (2x LPLas, 2x ERPPC, flamer, TC). Funnily enough the first four were those I had intended to repaint because I had painted them with too dark a green. I just didn't have the time to repaint them at this point, so that had to wait for a while still.

The first Timber Wolf of my Cluster (I've got two, because I like them but no more than that because they're not supposedly typical for Falcons) is naturally a prime, like so many others:


My two Novas were armed with somewhat lighter equipment than the rest of the Cluster, with the idea "run quickly to the grinder and drop the Elementals". I admit that it can fight against the very idea of a Talon Cluster's description so I'm prepared to set them up later with Heavy/Assault class 'Mechs. The point was, that personally I found the fast Omnis much more likely to be found in a Nova.

So here they are, first three Stormcrows. The ones at the edges are primes and the one in the middle's a random custom.

The next set had three Kit Fox primes and two Fire Moth primes. I can't even rememeber if at the time I ordered these there were any customizing options avaiable. Or if customizing had been even sensibly doable.

The Nova and Ice Ferret that you saw in an earlier pic were assigned to these Novas in addition to these eight.

Some damaged ones

Critical Hits had been delt out more than just once. The reason to that was of course in my own assembly methods, because the custom joints were done before my Dremel period and generally however. The first sad example is my early Hellbringer A, that got its right arm AC made from a topz pipe. This one had taken two criticals in its both Lower Arm Actuators. With some pinning they'll stay put in the future.

The second Timber Wolf of my Cluster is an A variant and it had lost half of its left arm. Just like the Hellbringer above this one had taken a critical hit in its LAA.

Luckily only three Points had lost limbs. Oh, and that one pitiful excuse of a Summoner that had gone in two pieces from its hip. But we don't talk about that because it's going to be replaced completely.
The fault in these breakings is only mine and that's why I'm going to fix them to the best of my abilities. Well, I'd do that anyway, even if it wasn't my fault.

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