Wings and tiny bits

Slapping the wing halves together was naturally followed by attaching them in the hull, where they belong. With the tail wing my biggest and most typical problem was getting them level (of course I didn't remember that I could and should have glued the diagonal support pieces in at that time).

Tons of tiny add-ons

There's a load of weird dangly bits in the wings of a Stuka. Especially I was wondering the function of those drop-shaped things, but I guess their names aren't important as long as they get where they ought to be. The long pointy thing on the right wing I assume to be a pitot tube because I couldn't come up with a better guess. The landing gear was assembled before and I glued the tires in their position (this isn't for taxiing aroudn tables or anything *cough*) so I could file them for a standing pose later.

This week's agenda

I almost got to start working on the guns, but didn't quite make it in the end. At the moment they're the only parts missing from the bottom of the plane, I believe. I was thinking if I should paint them and the plane separately because otherwise they block and shadow each other and that only leads into missing spots and messiness. Their attachments I could glue in, though.

Another large question remaining is the cockpit canopy. Open or closed? Right now I am much more interested in the open one, but whichever I end up doing, masking it up is the big issue. It'd be so much easier with a closed one, because the open canopy adds a requirement for protecting the insides as well. Maybe it'd be worth the hassle and effort?

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