Guns and tape

Bordkanone BK 3,7

There's not really much to say about the autocannon assembly, these six-piece units were so simple. Perhaps the most essential deviation from my previous plans was that I glued the pylons into the guns instead of following my earlier plan of gluing them onto the wings. I just thought that in case something goes wrong, it'd be easier to make the studs fit the wings instead of fighting the potentially offset pylons to where the attachment points are in the pods.

Masking tape chaos

Yesterday evening I finally sat down to work on the canopy pieces with some masking tape. After a bit less than 45 mins I had accomplished this much. Three pieces out of four, mostly as nice as they're going to get. There's some potential for fine-tuning still, but as I had feared this would take many painful hours, things have been rolling pretty well so far!

In case this masking doesn't hold or the result ends up sucking in other ways, I still have the one-piece closed canopy as a backup. Though, if I have to revert to it, I'll paint it by hand, for I don't have a third piece to fall back to if that fails as well. Anyway, I do trust that this ends up just fine and all this work on slicing down pieces of tape to one or to millimeter lengths hasn't been in vain.

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