Otherwise it's neat, but...

Just like I bragged last week, I applied the dark grey (VMA 71.056 Panzer Dk Grey) paint on the top surfaces of my plane the same evening and a light grey (VMA 71.103 Grey RLM 84) on the bottom surfaces. The next day I tore off my masks and alas!

A minor setback

The pattern was really good, I thought. I was really pleased.
But then I saw that the green (VMA 71.104 Green RLM62) that I had apparently painted a bit too light-handedly got partially torn off near the left wing's base. My guess is that some residue from the bad painter's tape I had had there before was left behind and that ruined it.

I briefly pondered on my options. Either I reapply masking tape here and there and apply another layer of green where needed or I try to make it look "worn through". For whatever reason the second idea doesn't appeal to me much, so I guess I'll go and airbrush a new layer of green to some places.

So the camo pattern may change a bit, in some places the faded green is a bit too faded. In some places it looks really good to me (more natural, I guess). Maybe that's why it would be a good idea to pick up the airbrush and fix up my mess.

At least the beast's belly wasn't troublesome at all. While I painted the bottom I also painted the gun pods with the same grey. When I mask the fixables, I'll mask off the main bodies of the guns so I can apply a green on their front-top subsections while fixing the rest of the plane.

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