Starting on the splintery camo pattern


The first thing I did was to tear off the (bad) masking tape I had applied the last time. Then I painted the tail, the hull and parts of the wings with green so widely that all and more that I wanted to be green was green. After this one dried properly, it was easy to pick up the lines-to-be for the camo pattern I intended to have on my Kanonenvogel.

Going on with the tape-mess

Last evening I spent about half an hour by attaching strips of masking tape here and there. Because my idea was that I'd paint accurately, not all the green surfaces needed to be totally blocked. Of course the tiniest green bits were covered to avoid accidental spillage.
If I got the colour #2 airbrushed on the top and side surfaces today, I'd be quite content. After that I'd do the light belly side and later on the decorations like country insignias and the yellow stripes.

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