The end is near. Again.

Last evening's doings

I washed the bottom and the gun pods with Vallejo's "for grey vehicles" wash. The difference between the previous state isn't grand but somehow noticeable. Those gun pods and especially their attachment racks (pylons again?) would maybe be the most clearly affected pieces, but I didn't take pics of them separately.

Tiny details

Within thirty minutes I had scribbled those T6+BB markings to the sides, the T-34 -like silhouettes in the nose and the 2B/B2 markings on the wheel pods, as the instructions suggest. Therefore, according to the painting instructions, this is supposed to represent Colonel Rudel's kite.

The tube I mentioned yesterday got back to its place on the right wing. As well as the antenna I had previously ignored. If I get to apply the Vallejo's "for green vehicles" wash on the top surfaces, we can almost declare this beast done! Zum Teufel!

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