A necessary step backwards in the name of progress

Now that I had found that misplaced piece of the canopy (or more like because Lasse's comment in the Finnish counterpart reminded me of the possibility), I had to do something according to my original plan. For some reason it took me one and a half weeks to get something done, but I did it nonetheless.


Simply put, I cracked the monocanopy off and prepared the other pieces to replace it. My biggest problem will most likely (and hopefully) be the antenna, because I just don't believe it'll leave its current resting place without a bit of fighting and if my memory serves, there wasn't a replacement / alternative in the kit. This won't cause any sort of an emergency in any case, so we'll see what I end up doing.


Next I decided that I'll glue in 75% of the pieces: the frontmost and the two rearmost of them. Why so? Just in case that something goes wrong at some point. Then the pilot's hatch would be the one I could do something with. If it doesn't fit between the other two for some reason or something like that. Just like I didn't want to take the risk of trying to glue four pieces with slow-curing white glue, because they might very well slide around before the glue sets properly and therefore cause issues.

Once again, according to the finest Project Mumblings traditions, the last photo sucks like a black hole but I reserve the right to use awful wip pics while the current project is, indeed, a work in progress. I trust that this iteration of the cockpit and its canopy will be much better than what I had. Otherwise I'll have to swear quite a lot - and loudly.

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