Completed: I/14

On Monday evening I fixed the landing light on the left wing as I had pondered on earlier. I sliced off some extra material to make the piece fit better and then I glued it on with white glue. While I was at it I also spread the glue around a bit to cover up the small mismatch on the bottom side.

Without further ado: it's ready. I only spent about four months on this, if we blindly stare at the calendar. The actual time spent is noticeably smaller, but who bothers to count hours for real, anyway?

The final photos

As declared, this is supposed to be (according to the instructions) Hans-Ulrich Rudel's plane. A Junkers 87 G-1, a plane with two 37mm AA guns under its wings. If it reminds you of the A-10, there's a damn good reason for it, as google will tell you.


Higher up

Other angles

The Gimp is (not) strong with this one

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