The canopy is just about done at last

Yet more fixes

The last time I was wondering how I'd detach that antenna from the one-piece canopy. I shouldn't have worried, for in my paranoia of fogging up the clear pieces I had used white glue to attach the antenna! I realized it the moment I rolled the canopy piece in my fingers and peeked inside. Then I just gently pressed the end of the antenna's stub with the tip of my xacto knife and it fell on my palm accompanied by a faint "crack". For a change something goes really well!

While I remembered it, I took it upon myself to fix the Balkenkreuz. The slightly mouldy-looking markings were quickly and easily fixed with a stroke of white. Most likely I'd declared this model done and complete without this fix, if I hadn't done it right now...

Needless masks

I was staring at the canopy masks I had done much earlier and decided that they've no purpose in this project anymore. So I tore them off and painted the frames by hand, just like I did with the one-piece canopy. The lone unattached part only got its dark grey paint, while the green section was left for later.

As I was working on these, I also glued the antenna on its proper place. Such a tiny detail made quite a difference.

The final piece

I was thinking, in which position I should set the last piece of the canopy, while playing around with it. Somehow it looked a bit wrong in its "closed" state. Being completely open it didn't quite fit and I was slightly confused. This pic, provided by almost five seconds of googling, opened my eyes:(http://hsfeatures.com/features04/images/ju87g2bg_004.jpg.

Being as uneducated as I am, I had painted the part of the canopy that should've been open so that the canopy could slide open without slamming into the antenna. After a closed inspection the part had a properly shaped area. First I drilled open the bottom of the enlongated U and sawed off the rest along the shape.

After a quick dry-fit I declared that "this is what I should've done originally!" So I glued that part in its opened state. Of course I could've also been a bit cleaner with the glue but I trusted that the final result wouldn't look too shabby.

Now I'm just working hard to remember that I didn't paint the right side's green camo pattern section yet. And if I somehow managed to scratchbuild a new cover for the landing light (if I didn't mention it before, the original fell embarrassingly inside the wing while dry-fitting), everything would be dandy and just about ready.

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