The hopefully last missing piece

As I told before, the landing light's glass fell into the wing assembly while dry-fitting. I had two ideas regarding the impending scratchbuilding of a new piece: either some thin transparent plastic of a fragment from a transparent sprue. Both approaches had their issues.


While working with thin plastic the main problem would be getting the tiny piece into a decent shape. The amount of burnt nerves could not be foreseen but it wouldn't be a small number. The end result, on the other hand, could be really pretty, if I got lucky.

A turd of transparent-ish sprue would be a very simple approach. All I'd need to do was to file off material to get the piece inside the bracket. It would also occupy all the given space and could not fall inside the wing like its predecessor - nor could it end up twisted stupidly while the glue cures.

An easy choice

Pretty predicably I chose the latter option. Below you can admire two photos of my first try. Either I'll try to adjust this a bit so the open edge in the bottom ends up sealed or I'll just mengelify a new piece and see if it works better.

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