A week off with some TODO mumblings

A breather

I'm going to take a short break from modeling, thanks to projects Stuka and Mercedes. So I'll waste a bit of time by showing off what got appended to my todo list in the end of April. Thanks to Lasse, my ground vehicle modeler self is going to stay far away from his comfort zone, independent of in which order I attack these four modern flying ... things.

Airborne weapons in 1:72

As you can see, there are two A-10 Warthogs. Two! [an erroneous claim removed] Also from decades past we've got an F-16 Falcon and an almost ridiculously modern F-22 Raptor. Because I am such a fan of indirect, or unfair attacks, these four can be overarmed from the Air to Ground weapons packet's contents.

I guess we'll get some fun out of these buggers, even if they come without tracks and other fun things. Just because I'm mean like that (or narrow-minded), I may paint each and every single one of them in something else than the american pattern. But then I couldn't use the decals that I had at some point threatened to try out, for the first time in more than half a lifetime.
No rush yet, I'm just mumbling out loud right now.

Extra pics

Academy A-10A - I laughed for real when I read the subtitle

Hobby Boss N/AW A-10A

Hobby Boss F-16A

Hobby Boss F-22

Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons I: bombs & rocket launchers

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