The Pantherturm

Finishing up the deck

Because I didn't finish it up the last time, I kept working on the deck side of the tank. For some reason I had only built the left side Schürzen rack and totally forgotten the other one while hurrying to work on the next parts. I guess I should work on that today, before I forget it yet again.

The cannon in its tower

Next up: the rear part of the 7.5 cm KwK 42. Had I planned on using the commander figure, I would have painted all the interior spaces around this time, except for one thing. The battery box and its cables and whatnots would've been more than visible through the open hatch(es) and a plain styrene sheet as a floor would've looked so very wrong. Thanks to that I decided to button up.

All these curves, corners and curious shapes of the turret had a bunch of funnily shaped decals. It does look pretty fascinating. While fooling around with these photos I realized that I hadn't done much chipping and damage after all. Maybe that's for the best after all, because it could've gone badly out of hand.

This is where I left the turret. At the time of taking the photo it's just missing the hatch, some handles, the loops for lifting up the turret and the MG34's rail. I guess I have to sand/file the seams of the barrel of the Kampfwagenkanon, but that's what you get for not using AM sets.

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