Top of the hull

As the build order guided me that way, I started working on the parade side of the tank. My tactical first target was the glacis plate, the side armour and the method: more Zimmerit stickers. After those I added some small pieces like the hatches, the MG cupola and such.
Just like the last time I built a tank, I first apply the firmly installed pieces, then paint the camo. Only after that the loose items (tools, barrel-cleaning rods and so forth) would be glued in.

Of course, had I actually followed my plan properly, I wouldn't have installed the machine gun's barrel yet, but hey, this happens a lot. I guess that the dominating colour will be, traditionally, Dunkelgelb. In these next two photos you'll see the place where the gun travel lock would be, but I think I'll do the camo before I build that - even if it's a permanent piece of equipment. Those, I guess, I'll paint in flat Dg and worry about the big picture.

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