The panther's fur

Here's another rapid-fire post so that the blog keeps a bit better up to my realtime pace. I had originally scheduled this one for next week, but as I got the road wheels done last evening, I thought I could release this one already.


I decided to start painting with Dunkelgelb, as usual, and that the lower hull would be mostly painted that way. So, in short, that's what I did: I airbrushed about a third of the road wheels etc, the bottom hull almost completely with it (VMA 71.081) and applied a bit of a pattern to the rear. Then, for the turret and the top hull I pulled a pattern from my magical hat and painted it.


The next evening I took about half of the unpainted road wheels and did them with brown (VMA 71041) and painted some stripes and shapes on the hull and the turret as well. I tried to keep the pattern, but so that I'd fix up errors done with the Dunkelgelb portions. Not that the result was perfect at this stage, but I didn't worry about it as I was still missing the third round of painting.
Then again, a perfect paintjob might not be the awesomest goal, if you keep in mind that it wasn't perfect on the field, either. My honest opinion is still the same: fussing is pointless and having fun is more enjoyable than "hobby-naziing".


As everybody knows, the third and last colour for my camo was green (VMA 71.096) and when I thought I was done, I realized that I had forgotten to paint any kind of a pattern on the lower front of the Panther. It really couldn't stay 100% Dunkelgelb, so I had to prepare for a fixup round. Whoops.



On a hot afternoon I took it upon myself to attempt to fix my mistakes. Nothing special there. And of course, only now as I'm looking at the photos, I noticed that the left side stowage bin's Zimmerit sticker has been flapping for a good while. Later on I painted the rims of the roadwheels with greyblack, but didn't bother taking photos (I mean, who wants to look at road wheels?).

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