Finished: project IV/14

Some last minute doings

I painted those extra track links with Vallejo Chocolate Brown that I had modified with some red and yellow. For that sort of stuff I think I really need some better colours, but that's a general improvement issue for a later time. Then I coiled up the thin copper wire around the cable holder, painted it with chocolate brown as well and later washed with some devlan mud. Some wearable parts of the tank I gently touched on with Vallejo's Oily Steel. Just a bit and lightly. As my final silly idea I decided to use that on the teeth of the drive sprockets: I wiped the excess paint off the brush, turned the motor on and let the motion do its magic. Automatically applying the worn out effect to proper places.

Perhaps there could've been some things I could've touched on a bit, some things to improve and so on, if I had felt like it and had something really popped out to bother me. For a change I did a mostly unruined model and a pretty much pristine paint job on a tank. I guess I have to change things every once in a while to keep things fresh, eh?


I tell you, I took the photos happily and quite eagerly. While doing that I drove the tank back and forth along the sofa, through the silly obstacle course (multiple implementations) I had set up. Somehow I managed to forget to shoot the video footage that was the whole point of driving around in the first place! *cough* *cough*

Some stills taken on the go


I believe I said earlier that this model kit really reminded me of the often heard "shake the box, done" description of Tamiya models. Building this was really quick and easy. The motor setup was a fun thing and made me seriously consider that maybe, perhaps, I could potentially consider a remote-controlled Tiger with sounds and whatnot.

The Zimmerit stickers were extremely good. I would really like to encounter those things in a box in future projects. Of course one can buy those in AM sets for other kits, but it's not OOB then. Not that I care much, though. Anyway, this made me think if I should dare to take another shot at Friul tracks and if so, what else would I get into and would this ever end?

The Panther with some other same-scale German units

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