Tools and not much else

As I predicted, the spatial dislocation of my workspace has caused a tiny but hopefully temporary slowdown in the amount of progress I've been able to achieve. Not that there's been much to do with this beast anymore. In short bursts I've mostly worked on the tools, painted the Balkenkreuz in the front corners and the large numbers on the turret.

On my latest stint I assembled the commander's MG and mostly painted it too. Both the kidneys also found their places at long last, the jack is still waiting for its turn. After a bit of pondering and what-iffing I ended up using all the six pairs of spare track links - their paint cocktail I'll be mixing up (much) later today. All in all, I think I'll start calling this model done soon. In case you were wondering, I'm not going to use any pigments or anything on it, as it's a mobile unit and therefore potentially poked a lot. That means I'll prefer cleanliness more than pretty dirtiness.

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