I know they aren't called catwalks but I just felt like it anyway. Maybe someone more seamanly than myself knows the exact, proper term for them? Anyway, as I was tinkering for a very short while yesterday evening, I glued in all four pieces of these planks. To accompany them I added some cylinders and a thing for hooking stuff on in the front of the U-Boat. And last but not least something that I assume to be completely covered by the conning tower later on (and what I did not recognize) was set up. But then I ran out of time (and my super eager assistant came to poke at everything) and could do no more. Maybe even today I get to advance a step or two.


I have decided, that due to their potential fragileness I shall leave the planes off for the time being. That's because this model is enormous and I have to flip it around quite often, they would be in constant danger of being banged into something and maybe even being broken off violently. So, just in case.

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