Project III/13 finished

Some finished pieces

Nobody told me that the other Gargoyle was a fresh piece and recently painted. So I ended up repainting that in vain. Oopsis.  I don't mind, though, as the result looks like an improvement.

Dire Wolf

The octopus pattern worked handily. I had set up the legs to the base in a bit of a funny angle, but it's still a playable piece without problems.


I have to say that the Turkina is a 'Mech that may require some company in the 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster. But that's going to happen only with modified arms. Those default ones are a bit boring.


This is a very ugly unit, but I guess I could get one or two more for fluff reasons. Now, years afterwards I noticed, that as it's ancient, I either didn't finish up cleaning it or didn't do it at all.


No matter what the fluff says, I refuse to accept another Executioner to uglify my troops.

Group shot and effects comparison

That second photo shows clearly, what's the difference between a washed and a "clean" miniature. I think that the Cougar looks a bit too bright, which means that it (and all the other old minis) would benefit greatly from a tiny brown wash.

Löydä poikkeavuus

A future project

At this rate I'll get to return to the BattleTech world maybe late next year, but I'll write down here what I have decided. Washing all the old minis may be a pretty quick op after all. Despite that I skip that for now and proceed to the '40s and below the surface of the seas.

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