Like an inflatable rubber boat I'm bouncing to you

Returning from a vacation is always a slow process. For some reason I also seem to take a good while to get back to my projects. Nonetheless, I managed to kick myself up and working a bit on the inflatable raft.

The last sprue contained the three-piece boat itself, some small arcs I assume to be pieces of rope or something and a set of four oars. I primed the whole set in its sprue and then airbrushed the essential pieces with German Grey (VMA 71052).

Next I'll paint those inner bottom's wooden things just like I painted the planks on the sub itself: with an earthly colour (VMC 873 "US Field Drab" (though the Spanish "Tierra" tells a lot more, imo)). I'll do the same with the oars, as they're wooden and why change the effect that worked so nicely already?

I'm going to let them dry overnight before I continue further. For some reason I really don't feel like ruining anything at this point, I believe you can imagine.

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