Finished: Project V/14

A German type XXIII submarine

My last assemblage, paintage and weatherage -related mumblings were taken care of the last time, with photos and all. The net is full of stuff about the fascinating engineering projects of the late-war Germans, still their navy has been (for a reason, I guess) mostly out of the limelight. And from that little the genial type XXI submarine has been the most popular one, at least over this type XXIII coastal sub (I cannot claim to understand how the Germans set up their types), so this build has been done with very little aid from online references.

As it seems to be the way of the Project Mumblings, the model was built OOB and without the decals. I didn't bother painting the U-numbers into the conning tower, and they were something of a super rarity in the pics I've seen anywhere. Funnily enough the kit provided the white lines on the tower, but using them sounded plain silly, so I just painted them on, as reported earlier.

Some parts and pieces were missing from the box, such as the torpedoes. And I got the model partially assembled already, so I didn't have much input on that, either, the hull is in the condition I received it in. The build was quite fun, but in all honesty I have to say that the immense size (99,1cm) of it provided some practical challenges to both assembly and painting.

Photos of the finished product

The english/german mix on the plaque is annoying me to no end

Some comparison shots

The insane size of this model is difficult to convey, if one doesn't see it in person. To aid in that I took a couple of silly photos with a bunch of tank models in the same scale. Just in case that didn't help, I also took a photo with the dvd box of the absolute best submarine movie in the history of all the multiverses. Everyone's seen a dvd box at least once in their lives, I assume, so this one should enlighten the non-modelers as well.

The land-vehicles are lined with the ends of the U-Boat


Now that I'm done with this sting and February is well on its way, I'll be doing something completely different for a week or two. Along with the (slow) finishing of the U-Boat I've been working on my pygame project for the last two weeks and a bit more. While I'm writing this that project is functionally better than before and looks much more elegant.
My next scale model is going to be one of the 1:72 scale A-10 planes. I'll be mumbling about that after a couple of weekly posts, in case someone was keeping tabs.

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