Priming and masking the canopy

There wouldn't really be much more to say about the priming part of the project than "I primed the pieces", had I not thought that the rattlecan I got for the XXIII sub  would've been ok to use. In plain English: I did something wrong and a good amount of the applied white primer just flaked off the model when I was going to proceed to the next step.
So, now I had to reprime it with the airbrush, which is a bit slower but at least it's much more reliable in my hands. I don't intend to repeat my mistake anymore.

To get something more concrete and slightly more display-worthy I covered the clear canopy piece with masking tape. Then I traced along the lines with my x-acto knife and tore the excess crap away.

It went better than my attempt at masking Stuka's canopies
When I primed the last parts (top surfaces of the wings and the end of the airframe) I course primed this piece, as well, instead of waiting for it to be glued on. After a bit of good old-fashioned googling I should be aware of which paint to use for the insides of the cockpit and if I need to pop by my royal supplier of paints. Which would be a shame, right?

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