Project II/15

The prototype master of night and crappy weather

From the two available hogs I chose to begin with the funny prototype. That's the N/AW ("Night Adverse Weather") A-10A, a two-crew version modified from the normal Warthog everyone knows.

There's a boringly gray flying thing on the box, then the painting part of the instructions seems to suggest a really dark surface. Of course as we're talking about a proto, it could be painted bit more hysterically as well, but I guess talking about the paint scheme would make sense when the model itself is ready for it.

My building blocks

I got really surprised when I was looking at the sprues and pieces included. It's got something like twenty pieces and the largest pieces of the plane are cast as single parts. Maybe the biggest surprise (I keep repeating myself: I'm not a plane modeler) was that the airframe wasn't split in two along the lenght-axis, but the whole frame is slapped on the bottom wing-setup. Exciting.

Everyone's most interested in seeing how the GAU-8 is modeled in this model. Or at least I was interested in it. There's the business end, in the middle of the last photo: one piece. Considering the scale it's more or less the size of the pilot's head, if not larger.
As long as I don't go overboard and paint it shut, it'll be just fine.

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