Washing and planning

Tail fins

I guess it's now a couple of weeks since I got told that the vertical stabilizers weren't straight. On the eve of the Model Expo I attacked the left tail fin and repositioned it straight. I guess I got it supported properly so that it would also remain straight. When the glue had dried I touched the paintjob up with a paintbrush.


Some time was spent rummaging through my washes collection and I decided to apply some Vallejo's Grey wash (VMW 76516 Grey - "for grey & dark vehicles"). There would've been some darker stuff available, but I thought this'd work just fine.

All the rest was washed with the Vallejo stuff but the steel-painted gun and refueling plate were quickly washed with Citadel's Badab Black. That stuff has seen many years and judging by the result it really was more goop than a wash, so I decided to throw it away when I was done with this.Why did I use black instead of uniform grey, anyway? Exactly because of that, I believed that washing the steel with grey wouldn't look proper, unlike with black or brown. Brown would've looked way too old/rusty/dirty, so that option got duly ignored.

Did it make a difference, in the end? I think that the panel lines stood out a bit better at least. Everything will look much nicer, I believe, when I tear the masking tapes off the canopy. The plane would have a bit more of a look at that point.

As soon as I get back to work on this I think I'll start swearing with the decals. That's going to eat an hour or two easily. One session won't be enough, that's for sure. Then there are the lamps on the wing tips, chaff/flare dispensers and stuff like that to be taken care of.


Lasse gave feedback re: my weapon load mumblings a few weeks ago. Just a few evenings ago I actually had the time to open the "Air to Ground" box actually contained.

Good old-fashioned bombs, rocket launchers and such. I guess that a couple of blue-painted excercise bombs (mk81 and/or mk83, whatever they were) could fit my theme quite nicely indeed. Still, this beast won't be even moderately laden, I'm going to go nuts with the proper A-10A instead.

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