Priming the fighting falcon

While I was looking for my bottle of primer I stumbled upon my small Grey Primer bottle, that I decided to use out of the way so that it wouldn't stupidly end up drying inside its container. First I primed the cockpit and proceeded to cover the top side of the plane. The last drops I sprayed over the bottom part, but it wasn't nearly enough. So I switched to the Grey Surface Primer for the rest of the plane. I don't know what for, but the darker grey was much nicer to airbrush on, sadly those small bottles are pretty inconvenient for primer.

Next I can attack the cockpit details, maybe I even get to finish it with a very reasonable timeframe. Then I can mask the canopy, paint the insides of the it and glue both pieces on the plane, for the real painting. Then I have to come up with a pattern. Something that's not grey, preferrably, but I fear that the air forces keep disagreeing with me on these stylish details.

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