Back from the vacation

Good news

The summer part of my vacation came and went and the R-003 I was missing got available just when I was leaving. In other words: I got the sms just when I was turning my phone off at the airport :p I went and picked it up first thing on this week's Monday after work and I guess I'll get to use it one day this week. That of course depends on when we get the last delayed suitcase delivered.


I happened to spend a couple of hours in Oviedo's Parque Principado, most of that time in a shop called FNAC. And I didn't leave empty-handed. Their curious stuff -shelves were digged through very thoroughly and I picked up two new Metal Earth Models packets, thanks to my good experiences with their AT-AT model.

Firstly I'll introduce the second-best looking fighter of the Galactic Empire, the TIE/ln (naturally the best-looking one is TIE/I, but sadly they don't make those (yet)). Personally I like this one quite a lot more than the TIE Advanced x1 prototype (also known as Darth Vader's TIE), but as usual, it's a matter of taste. In addition to the Interceptor I'd love to see a rarely seen TIE/B in this product line. Then maybe a Lambda-class shuttle, which is simply a magnificent vehicle.

As the second model I took the absolutely necessary Imperial-class Star Destroyer. One just can't fail with Star Destroyers! And as I was writing up a wishlist in the fighter-sized category, I'll do to it with the motherships too. The Nebulon-B Frigate would be awesome and the COC Corvette would be another nice support craft for the ISD - not to mention the not-yet-seen-in-the-movies Interdictors (also known as the Immobilizer Cruiser). Those I'd buy more than happily.

For a passing minute I considered buing a third one, a Klingon Bird of Prey. Then I thought that I'll be fine with these two for a good while already. Maybe some other time.

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