Finished: Project IV/15

The flying green man in his mysterious plane

Project time: 3h

So there, the flying thingie without any national markings got finished. I guess you couldn't not notice those numbers hiding inside the square brackets. With ease they were supposed to be recognized as an accumulating minute counter, the last one ending at 180. No, I didn't check the time spent with a stopwatch, but got a believable estimate of active time spent.

Why did I start fooling around with something like this? Because that's what gets asked surprisingly often: "How long does it take to do one of these?". My default answer has been "A handful of hours actively but months if you look at the calendar, depends on the model and who knows what else". This one, as I clearly stated in the assembly post, I slapped together like a rabid beast and it went pretty quickly, if you look at the minute counter. All the nonsense in June-July ruined my original speedbuild idea.

Of course one can tell with their eyes closed that I didn't do things, especially some details as carefully as they would've deserved. Just look at those drop tanks. I guess there are some gaps in the airframe itself as well, if looked at very carefully. Some puttying and sanding would've been enough to make the result that much better and I don't think it'd increased the completion time much, not even an hour.

Almost OOB but not quite

This Fighting Falcon could've ended looking ok without the rocket pods, but a totally toothless (the M61A1 doesn't count) would just have been very boring and wouldn't have fit the theme at all. I did think of adding two more pods, but when I looked at the pylons, to me they looked like the missiles only -kind, so I let it be, so that the ones who actually know something about semimodern planes wouldn't laugh themselves silly ;)

64th Aggressor

One thing I really have to improve is my photography. Or at least the backgrounds. I tried to achieve the same position and look where the MiG-29 looked really cool to me (and apparently some others). Maybe I should've taken a look at my older stuff instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

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