Call of the Shadows


Despite the oh-so-funny title I'm not mumbling about Apogee's '94 vertical shoot'em up running on Dosbox. Maybe I should but I'll leave that for a later date. Besides, I always liked Tyrian so much more, but on to the topic at hand...

The box

I dug out the box to be opened and wondered how large it was compared to the previous two jets. My expectations were in line with what the N/AW A-10A and the F-16A models had shown: a couple of pieces with a two-page instruction sheet without any armaments. Not that it bothered me, I had thought of going stealthily with all doors closed.

The contents

That instruction sheet was the first surprise. It was more like what I'm used to. And if the images weren't lying there could be some bombs in this kit. The decals looked like decals and that's all I can say about them.

There were four spruefuls of pieces plus the transparents. Shockingly there were some bombs as well. What is this and why aren't all the kits the same? :p

Yes, I was very positively surprised after the previous two kits. The airframe looked enormous, again comparing to the previous two jets. At this point it looked neat but fear not, I'll mess something up as usual :p

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