Painting II


Let's see where we left this project the last time. I believe we could ignore the ruined canopy, the rest seemed to work out just nicely. The light grey I had used was, in combination of its colour and shininess such that I really didn't like it. It somehow always ends up looking like unpainted plastic, which isn't what model builders usually strive for.

The nose cone ended up great. The edges were just as crisp as they should and they followed the shapes of the model obediently. All the leading edges also looked pretty good to me and I didn't get the feeling that I should've extended those areas at all.

The masking tapes used on the wings left some shades, which meant that in some places the dark grey was cut too abruptly and the result looked a bit odd. Also because of the masks the horizontal stabilizers completely missed the dark grey areas and that made the complete picture a bit wrong. They were too different from the rest of the model.

Back to work

I quickly applied new masks to protect the light grey strips and despite all, over the rear of the canopy as well. This way I wouldn't have painted on anything I didn't want to refix anymore. Then I masked the edges of the bomb and landing gear bays.

To protect the purity of my paints I quickly but carefully airbrushed some white (VMA 71001 White) into the aforementioned bays. This way there was going to be some coverage all around, in case I couldn't reach every nook and cranny with a paintbrush later on.

Then I started working on the camo pattern by first airbrushing some basic grey over the grey/dark grey parts to soften their differences a bit. Immediately after that I loaded my airbrush with dark grey and recreated the form-breaking shape but this time better, I felt. [175]

For some really twisted reason that dark patch, that looks a bit like a skull, reminded me very strongly of Boba Fett's armor: Boba Fett bust. Of course this wasn't done on purpose but was a pure and simple accident.

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