Project III/16

Fw-190 A-8

Now the model pair I received as a gift in '14 had landed on my modeling table. In case someone didn't remember, we're talking about a Focke-Wulf Fw-190 A-8 with major Heinz Bär's markings. Wikipedia says, interestingly enough, that Bär did fly with a Fw-190 in '44 in JG 1, but he was using an A-7. Unimportant details, I guess. OR: wikipedia isn't always 100% accurate. It's all the same to me, the differences between 7 and 8 won't be noticeable in this project.

I still didn't manage to get rid of these flying tincans. My excuse for that was that "this way they'll be done once and for all".

Ze box

This kit was done by Academy. I just couldn't remember if I had built many of their models, but I couldn't remember any horror stories, either. So I was pretty confident and didn't expect any catastrophes.


The instructions ate half of the paper provided. This time they were pretty much like with my previous four 1/72 scale planes. I didn't grace the decal sheet with much of my precious time, as I didn't intend to use them a) at all or b) more than a few of them. Those A-10A decals had left me with such a strong, foul taste...


The pieces themselves were spread over four sprues. I believe I noticed at least a few optional pieces. Options are always nice.

VW type 82, Kübelwagen 

For those of us with strong diorama tendencies the kit also included a legendary Kübelwagen. I had thought that it might be fun to have the Shrike parked on a grass field with a hastily stopped war-Volkswagen barely stopped next to it. But just as I was inspecting the contents of the packet, my project assistant came to wonder my doings. With clear eyes she asked "daddy, can I get the kyybelvaagen when it's finished?" I really couldn't turn that request down, so I promised to give the car to her when it was done :p

The bits and the guidelines

Nicely enough the Kübelwagen's instructions fit easily on one side of its sheet, the suggested paint scheme was either Panzer Grey or Dunkelgelb. This one also had some optional pieces, for example you could either have a see-through engine hood or not. You could also have the roof up or down. Not complaining. This'd be almost offensively small, I wondered if I could get the smallest lights installed without the use of pliers...

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