A mumbly half-dozen



Six years and an insane amount of inane mumblings. That's how I'd summarize my this year's milestone post.

This time I'm not going to go to the details of the Projects, photos of them or the stats, as the date once again surprised me. Maybe I could say that I hope that my text or the general style of mine has if not improved, then at least got to some sort of a baseline level of even "quality". That's how I feel, especially if I make the mistake of checking an noticeably older post for linking or fact-checking.

Still I have the feeling that I repeat too much of the same sayings, sentences or sentence structures. But what can I do about it, especially as I'm writing this just for myself. Nonetheless, occasionally someone else apparently ends up checking something, not necessarily to read a word but perhaps taking a look at the photos. And that's cool too.

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