Model Expo 2017

Helsinki Model Expo 2017

The yearly model expo (and a bunch of others bundled together) were held last weekend. This time my visit was shorter than usual, thanks to my then three days old Project Assistant Candidate. The Project Assistant herself was pretty eager to see her own stuff so my personal "I want to see this" round ended up being a bit of a "running through" kind of a thing.

IPMS - Finland

My original idea was to take not just one but two models, just for the fun of it. But as the intro may have given a hint for the reason, my plans were thrown out just a few days before the Expo. Would I have dared to enter my silly builds into the competition instead of dropping them to the Display Only class seen in the end of the photoset? Why not, more variety to be wondered and laughed at.

I think I went through the tables in a funny order, but what could you do when you were constantly pulled somewhere else. The planes I've always admired and I don't think I'd ever have the guts to take my own along these others.

That B17G was enormous. With a model like this the mirror bases was even handier than usual, I thought. Sadly I didn't get to (wasn't allowed to) peek through the windows. I mean, sometimes people do pretty mad inside conversions.

I found this Bf-109E "Black 12" in Lapland diorama pretty. The description talked about a bird, which I didn't find even in the photo.

"Naval Port"

Comic book action! I missed the description, but I'd guess that this was an implemented panel from the comic.

This autumny mine clearing dio was the Project Assistant's favourite.

This tank has always been fugly but it did turn into a very nice-looking model.

The next two photos: some Finnish Navy and Army equipment from the '80s: a missile boat ("Kotka"), a T-72, a BMP-1 and something I thought to be a Pasi (XA-180) but then I saw the turret and got lost with the ugliness.

The next four (well, three proper ones actually) photos: some equipment of the Finnish Navy and Army from the '60s

The Display Only category

Heh, a familiar-looking construct. It's always nice to see V-2 in other patterns than just the black/white squares.


Of course I tried to go through the Lego department. At this point the Assistant was getting more tired of my apparent slowness and I had to rush. Honestly, I'd stayed to stare at the GBC for a very, very long time. I thought that it was very nice of them to have the modules named so clearly.

I wasn't allowed to stop to take photos of the city anymore, my sincere apologies. All I can say is that it was mad, again, and I approved of it!