Project V/17

EMW A9 - Amerikarakete

Yes, this model was clearly on the kraut's Wunderwaffe line and pretty far out there to begin with. I mean, a radio controlled missile with a living pilot with a joystick as a backup. What the hell was going on in their minds, if anything at all?

Without further ado, let's go through the next project's bits as traditions dictate. First the one-page wonder: the assembly instructions. Rather amusingly the missile itself was a hundred times simpler than its launch thingamagick. There wasn't much to wonder about the painting guide, either. Some of the details like the red corners on the wings were mentioned in the assembly instructions instead of the painting part, but that sort of stuff happens everywhere. I've just found it a bit curious.

Then the pieces in their sprues, they were just about as shocking. Some of the smaller bits looked like they had more flash than material on the actual piece! That wasn't an issue, as this was a just for the fun of it -kind of a project. I didn't pay much attention to the decals, I noticed a couple of Balkenkreuz and two-piece swastikas for those who want to lose their minds with decals. We'd see the future of those much later, but as a constant reader I would not bother holding my breath.

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