Switching jobs

Yesterday, the second of June, was my last day of work at my longest-lasting job so far. I did get to be there for almost nine years (I ended up leaving three months before that milestone). Then I'll enter the doors of the next workplace on Monday already.

After the boss-part of the ceremony and after my own few stupid words my coworker Hannis wanted to say something too and ended that by dropping a largeish plastic bag on me "we wanted to give you something for you to remember us by". I got a Star Wars hat and two scale models. That rendered me speechless, as I didn't think of preparing for anything like that.

The models were chosen by Iiro, the dictator of Presaleztan. His idea with the T-35 was that it was a huge tank, there was plenty to do and it was a vehicle that I wasn't too likely to buy myself. So it'd remind me of them that much easier.

The German rocket launcher was an obvious choice, I was told. Its wooden bits and the hugeness of the rockets themselves initiated a lively discussion among those of us who are interested in this sort of stuff, while the rest weren't too involved. No surprises there.

I promised (or should I say threatened?) to show the results whenever I was done. We also thought that it'd be silly or amusing to paint the company logo or name or something like it on the tank itself. Maybe I'd do that, because why not? :p

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