A somewhat non-constant painting plan

First stage

Painting the Star Destroyer started just like all her previous paintjobs: with random areas of various colours. Just like with the Kamov, this one got some polka dots for good measure.

She liked the idea of painting the display stand black, according to my suggestion. This way the base wouldn't steal the viewer's attention from the ship itself.

Second stage: Darth Maul -look

For some reason she decided, in the middle of the painting process, that it looked wrong and was totally ruined. It was always supposed to look like Darth Maul. Where did this come from? No clue and I really couldn't guess. And no, I didn't get sense-making replies to my confused questions.

So far for the Maul paintjob she's done the top surfaces black, the bottom was still as it was, just primed. The Muses haven't been too active, so we'll see when this project gets some wind behind it again, and how that is going to work out.

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