Session XXII

Weathering on a warm May afternoon

I begun weathering the APTEP tank by drybrushing the wearable bits of the caterpillar tracks with VMA Steel, and from there I progressed to the various other wearable parts of the tank and its turrets. Among those were the turret's loops, the inner surfaces of the tow cable loops, the hinges and so on. The most delicate touches I reserved for the countless bolts that were protruding from everywhere. I cannot claim I did anything visible to the naked eye on each and every single one of them, but generally they should stand out tad more.

The numerous PanzerGranate-inviting straight vertical plates I wanted to decorate with Rainmarks Vallejo's Environment series. I drew some more or less random downward aiming streaks, of various lenghts. It may very well be that I got carried out a bit, but I'd mark that down on the column of "hey, I want to play with this new thing".

From the same series I also utilized the Mud and Grass goo, that I mostly applied on the bogies, the front and back belly armour, and a bit on the idler wheel neighbourhoods. I tried to keep myself in check and not overuse the stuff on this model. Fearing the ruinage of a perfectly good (or a bad one) paintbrush I used a q-tip instead. In hindsight that may have been a bit too brutish an applicator, but as this wasn't going to be a fine detail, I believe it was most ok.

As you may notice from the final photo, I finally remembered to cut the cable reel's thread. All that remained for the next session only the headlight glasses and washing the engineering equipment. It's not much and I assume that's it then, unless I've forgotten something again.

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