Project IV/18

Junkers Ju-87 B-2

At long, long last I started the small-scale dive bomber that I received almost two full years ago. We were talking of, as the box nicely told us, a Zvezda's snapfix kit that supposedly didn't need any glue. I wasn't going to trust that claim this time, either.

Box, the

As the photo showed, the box had gotten kicked around a bit during its trip up north, but who cared about the cardboard as long as the contents were alive? Someone had also forgotten to proofread the not-cyrillic strings, as there were certain funnies in them.


More or less a standard approach, the bits came in two sprues and there were a couple of transparent pieces for fanciness. As far as I could tell the decals looked fine, but as usual, I really didn't know if I was going to throw them on the model or into the biowaste container. I was sincerely hoping that this set was going to require somewhat less of cleaning than the T-35's pieces, but with this few pieces even that wouldn't get to become bothersome.


All the instructions fit in a pretty small area, didn't look complicated. Of course the reality would show how the quality of the instructions was.

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