New year, more stuff to do

The year has changed and I ran out of holidays.
Our suitcases finally got here this night with their valuable contents. Only 3 days late. Once again.

The spanish santa brought a couple of new models to work on: the first one is Revell's easykit X-Wing that doesn't officially require paints or glue. We'll see how that turns out, I expect some extra work anyway. Oh, and I haven't built a single terrorist model at all, for I've always stayed on the better side of the Empire. I guess santa didn't know and I don't mind :)

The second one is a Tamiya SdKfz 251/1 with a couple of dudes. For them I had to buy a bit more paint so I can do the skin. My ancient Citadel skintone paints have gone dry ages ago so I went with more Vallejo products. I also trust that the Tamiya halftrack is a lot nicer to build than the Panzerwerfer by Trumpeter or Italeri, years ago. That was awful.

I also made an order to Hobby Link Japan, one that I've been pondering about for more than a year. The ptb of BattleTech went and copied some Macross-designs to their game and these things are the original Marauder and Warhammer in scale 1:100. They'll end up on the end of my FiFo todo-list, whenever they arrive.

My OmniMech miniatures should also be finished, they've only been more or less wip for almost two years now. I'm somewhat ashamed of that. My new dremel pieces are also begging to be used. I'll get there eventually...

At least I'm not going to run out of stuff to do :)

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