Baby steps in the cockpit

The workstation first

Following the honoured traditions of aircraft assembly, as always, I started this build with the cockpit. To my great surprise I already found myself thinking of doing some belts for the crew, because "they need their seat belts, you can't fly without them". So yeah, I've totally and officially lost my marbles.

There wasn't anything strange in this compartment. Just the typical seats and stuff and something that I assumed to be a FuG setup. Of course I forgot to attach the machine gun despite telling myself constantly to add it. I'll glue it in place later this evening before I start doing anything else on this.

Horrified excitement

I've delayed everything quite a bit, because I haven't been too confident in my success at fixing my airbrush a while ago. If that replacement tube for the paint jar doesn't hold, I can't use the damn thing and that'd be quite an suboptimal situation regarding my hobby. So, we'll proceed with a strange mix of fear and excitement.

"Cross your fingers for me" is what I'd ask if I believed in such nonsense :p

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