Finished: Project III/16

Last minute 'mumblings

First of all I shook all the extra junk off my baseplate. The grass coverage lightened up a bit, I thought it looked better this way. I took a couple of "just for the fun of it" photos with the Kübelwagen and then for size comparison also with the A-10. The car took way too much space from the limited area on the base, but I had to try as it was on the box art. Had this kit included some tiny plastic people, I'd tried to reproduce the cover pic, but no, it didn't so I couldn't.

In case you were wondering the sorry state of the Warthog, the reason is that my Project Assistant accidentally dropped it on the floor on its roof. Of course it broke beyond repair, but that was ok, as I had already taken my photos ages ago. And it was me who left it there "just for a sec" in a dangerous place, so it was my own fault.

Now for something completely different: I chatted with a coworker of mine about the paints in general and the different shades. So I took a photo of all the paints and varnishes I used to satisfy my own curiosity. 23 containers were caught in the frame, only a few (5) had been used solely on the Kübelwagen. If you thought that I used 16 different paints to paint the Fw-190 and the camo pattern required only four paints, the obvious verdict should be that someone went gently but firmly overboard.

Heinz Bär's Butcher Bird

As usual I took a random pile of photos with as white and well-lit background I could arrange. I shot them from different angles and heights with the traditional cardinal and intercardinal directions. Finally I took a few pics of some supposed details. Following the proud traditions of the Project Mumblings the photos haven't been touched up beyond cropping and downscaling.

Finishing thoughts

The Academy kit was extremely pleasant to build, the pieces fit best in all the plane models I've ever built. My nemesis, the decal sheet was fine in some ways (the decals behaved well, with few exceptions) but the printing did leave some to be desired. If all the Balkenkreuz and the JG1 insignia had a one-pixel offset that bled the background colour, they shouldn't have gotten through the quality control.

Again I forgot to write down my time usage, so I can't really comment on it scientifically. If I said that I spent less than five hours in total, I don't think I'd be too far off. Those cursed decals alone took closer to two hours, over two sessions.

All in all this was absolutely the last plane model of mine in a good while. Maybe in the future I'll return on the wings, most likely with propellers. At least I haven't planned on investing in a single 1:72 scale plane, but something like a Bf/Me-109 in the 1:32 scale could be a pretty interesting subject, for example.

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