Finished: Project IX/16

A German-captured Soviet tank

As it is known, Germany wasn't the only participant in the WWII that was steered by a moustached somethingopath. This time the team of one of those had stolen a tank from the other one's group and then modified it a bit to look more like their own toys. In short that was the theme and motivation for this model.

Sneakily and tactically this wrap-up post ended up at the end of the year. Therefore the modeling year 2016 of the Project Mumblings blog was also wrapped up as the ninth project of the year was declared finished. So: have a nice new year and we'll most likely continue the next year just as idiotically as all the previous ones here at the Project Mumblings.


The flash isn't my friend but at least you can see the dirtification a bit differently

The turret was turnable and you could adjust the elevation of the D-25T gun, within the physical limits of the model itself.

I did start marking down the time I used but then I forgot that, just about before the installation of the tracks. The build itself took very little time (a few hours), as the Tamiya kits have always been quick and easy. All the adjusting and painting took many times more time, as it always goes and as was to be expected.

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