Miniproject III/17

Father's day (spanish)

It was the father's day yesterday in Spain and to celebrate it I got, among other things, something to build. This time it was a Lego set and I've always liked them. The TIE/sk or TIE Striker, known from Rogue One and it bumped into the top of my todo queue.


There wasn't much left to say about this, as Legos aren't known for being awfully complicated to build. One thing that has popped up clearly while I've done some of these newer sets is that there's a load of internal pieces that are of the very bright variety. Of course being always deep inside they didn't really matter much to the look of the finished build, so they could just as easily be brightly red and whatnot.





Aaaaand done!

It was lots of fun and a very amusing model, the build took an hour I think. I found the openable rear hatch fun, it ended up containing some survival stuff for the Pilot. These necessities consisted of a gun, an enormous walkie-talkie and macrobinoculars. In addition to the Pilot (inside the cockpit, of course) there was a Ground Crew person with the "this way" glowsticks, a Shoretrooper and a soon-to-be-executed terrorist with an angry expression.

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